Climbing Ilinizas

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Cotopaxi &  Ilinizas

Climbing Ilinizas organizes and leads mountain climbing trips to the Andes Mountains of Ecuador 

Climbing ilinizas  gives you a complete itinerary, a guaranteed 2:1 client-to guide ratio, private vans and 4x4s for all transportation needs, a private hotel room for each client when in town, fully-catered meals when in the mountains, and guided side-trips between climbs. A bilingual American tour leader will accompany all trips and participate in all climbs. When group members are not in the mountains or on organized side trips, they will be able to sightsee and travel freely. When in the mountains, experienced, licensed mountain guides and the American tour leader will lead the climbs. At no time will a group member be left alone in the mountains. Anyone who suffers from altitude sickness, or is physically unable to continue ascending, will be escorted by one of the guides down to a safe place to wait for the return of the other group members. Medical emergencies, if any arise, will be handled quickly, seriously and professionally. Safety first, summit second -- a familiar mountaineering mantra -- will always govern our climbs.

If you are in good physical shape and have experience hiking, camping, backpacking or climbing mountains, you should be able to summit most, if not all, of the mountains our trips go to. Rock climbing or glacier travel experience is not required but would, of course, be a valuable asset. "Nonclimbing" group members (i.e. spouses, children, friends, etc.) will be offered exciting side-trips that coincide with group climbs. CLIMB ECUADOR runs a very flexible operation and we will gladly attend to the specific needs of each and every client.

  • Climbing Iliniza north 5126 m
  • Climbing iliniza South 5246 m
  • Climbing Iliniza north & South 
  • Climbing Ilinizas & Cotopaxi